Button pusher.

I push buttons for a living.

whois -h Kimi Ushida


My practical job title is Glorified Button Pusher. I work in the information security industry on the defensive line and I'm not particularly good at what I do. I sit in a cube and try to look important. I'm still employed, so I must be doing something right.

This partition of my domain serves as my /dev/whatever, documenting thoughts from my experiences in the Information Technology field as well as (hopefully useful) technical articles and random opinions.

I fondly miss my first computer - a 486/DX with a whopping 32 MB of memory running DOS 5.0 which made me the cool kid on the block for a few weeks because Doom 1.1 ran on my machine, eventually upgrading to DOS 6.0 » DOS 6.22 » Windows 3.1 » 3.11, then installing Trumpet Winsock and fiddling with that Netscape Navigator thing. I had a GeoCities page ... and no idea what I was doing.

cat /etc/whatishere.conf

Like anyone else who has done his share of IT work, I've developed some ideas and opinions which others may find useful. I do plenty of documentation at work so I've developed a habit of writing things down before it leaves the limited confines of my available memory.

The articles covering technical material should be taken with a grain of salt like everything else on the Internet. I'm not an subject matter expert on anything. Writing just makes me feel more important than I really am.

My opinionated stuff is in the ramblings section and I make no warranties as to their correctness. Anyone who has had to implement / maintain network infrastructures will have some colorful stories to tell.

There's also a section on some random technologies I find interesting. It's stuff that I need, not want. Or maybe it's the other way around.

This site is not an interactive blog. It is not a forum. It's a place for me to perform memory dumps before my head crashes for the day. I write articles as free time permits. I'm real, real busy these days. If you discover any technical inaccuracies, please let me know based on the information in the contact section.