Button pusher.

I push buttons for a living.

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A Silicon Valley network infrastructure security techie. I'm the guy in the Blue Team corner finely-crafting firewall policies, tweaking the IDS, watching alerts, sifting through logs, running scans, analyzing connection flows, extracting PCAPs, hunting for evil, connecting the dots, raising the alarm, and grabbing the responder jump bag. Never gets old. Good times.

The obligatory LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimiushida

I've also started posting things over on https://github.com/kushida-gh instead of here.

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This small corner of the world contains random bits and pieces of technical write-ups, diagrams, packet captures, analysis, scripts, etc. that I've accumulated over the last couple of decades in information technology/cybersecurity. These miscellaneous items mostly cover security, networking, services infrastructure, and similar subject domains.

Like anyone else who has done his share of IT work, I've developed some ideas and opinions which others may find useful. I do plenty of documentation at work so I've developed a habit of writing things down before it leaves the limited confines of my available memory.

The articles covering technical material should be taken with a grain of salt like everything else on the Internet. I'm not an subject matter expert on anything. Writing just makes me feel more important than I really am.

My opinionated stuff is in the ramblings section and I make no warranties as to their correctness. Anyone who has had to implement / maintain network infrastructures will have some colorful stories to tell.

This site is not an interactive blog. It is not a forum. It's a place for me to perform memory dumps before my head crashes for the day. I write articles as free time permits. I'm real, real busy these days. If you discover any technical inaccuracies, please let me know based on the information in the contact section.