In my opinion...

The IT industry is a funny place to be. It's always changing, and you have a working space (or a tug of war, depending on your perspective) between two extremes of some sort which inevitably makes for some interesting entertainment. At least retrospectively. When you're firefighting in those trenches though, it's not a happy place. Remember Code Red and Nimda?

You may be offended by what I write. You might agree. You might disagree. You may think that I'm an idiot. You may be right. I don't care. This isn't meant to be deep, analytical, thought-provoking material. It's more like things that might come out of my head if it were a gun barrel.

Cover your eyes, folks - the four-letter words are about to unleash! MCSE! CCIE! Oh, the pain, the pain...

Everything written here is based on a true story

Please be patient. I'm working on getting this stuff out. I have a day job, you know ... and a second one in the evening too.

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